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A day in the life… Faizur Rehman


As Deputy Head of IT, Faizur oversees various aspects of our technology infrastructure. He works closely with his team and other stakeholders to address technical issues, implement updates, and ensure the smooth operation of pathology IT systems such as WinPath and related systems.

His expertise in managing software and hardware systems, along with strategic planning skills, contributes to the efficiency and security of our IT environment. Overall, his role requires a blend of technical expertise, leadership, and effective communication to keep pathology IT operations running smoothly.

What does an average day look like for you?

Faizur’s average day is marked by constant activity and a focus on overseeing resolutions to outstanding tasks. Mornings are dedicated to prioritising tasks, identifying urgent issues, and assessing ongoing projects as well as internal and external meetings.

Faizur collaborates closely with his team and other stakeholders to address technical challenges, troubleshoot problems, and implement necessary updates or fixes. Moreover, he takes charge of task rotation within his team, ensuring everyone is equipped to manage different IT infrastructure aspects, from data security to integration.

Faizur’s daily schedule is often tightly packed with consecutive meetings, interactions with external suppliers, and collaboration with partners from other trusts. Additionally, he dedicates time to actively listen to feedback from laboratory users, seeking continuous opportunities to enhance and improve services. Many of the team’s efforts are concentrated on behind-the-scenes work aimed at optimising operational efficiency while simultaneously strategising for process improvement initiatives in the future.

Outside of work, Faizur spend his time with his four children, and feels like he comes to work for a break. Mornings can be particularly chaotic for Faizur, as he gets the children out of bed and ready for school. He was keenly into MMA and Thai boxing before a knee injury slowed him down and he now supports the children in all their various sporting activities and enjoys his role as a side-line spectator.

What is your favourite thing about the job?

An integral aspect of Faizur’s role is the satisfaction he derives from providing exceptional support to end users. Resolving issues for end users and ensuring they can perform their tasks efficiently gives him great satisfaction. he finds immense fulfilment in knowing that his efforts directly contribute to improving productivity and enhancing the overall experience for everyone in the organisation.

Beyond the technical aspects of his job, he truly cherishes the opportunity to have a meaningful impact on patient care.

Is there a moment you will always remember?

One moment that stands out vividly for Faizur is the complete outage of WinPath and related services we experienced in February 2023, which had a significant impact on our entire network. It was a critical situation that required everyone to come together and collaborate closely to find solutions and restore the system promptly. This involved not only various internal management teams but also external partners such as Clinisys and Telefonica Tech.

The outage was a pivotal learning experience for the SWLP IT Team, and the lessons learned continue to shape the team’s approach to work to this day.

How did you get into pathology IT?

Faizur’s journey into pathology IT began during his undergraduate studies in biomedical science, where he developed a keen interest in the intersection of technology and healthcare. He started his career as an MLA in biochemistry while studying for his BSc in Biomedical Sciences.

After qualifying as a Biomedical Scientist, Faizur worked in various laboratories and went on to complete his MSc and qualify as a Clinical Scientist, all the while getting stuck in if any IT issues arose in the laboratory. This was crucial to his learning and allowed him to build up his knowledge of solutions to some of the issues that he encountered. He studied for IT and project management courses at the same time and when an opportunity arose to become a pathology LIMS administrator, he did not hesitate in applying for the role.

Over time, Faizur honed his expertise in pathology IT, including managing laboratory information management systems (LIMS), integrating diagnostic equipment with IT systems, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. His journey into pathology IT has been immensely rewarding, allowing him to combine his technical skills with his passion for making a positive impact on patient outcomes.

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