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Allergy (RAST – specific IgE)



Test Information

  • Container:
    Croydon and Kingston/RNOH - General Biochemistry SST 5ml Gold. St George's - Immunology / Specialised Biochemistry SST 6ml Red
  • Min vol:
  • Reporting Frequency:
  • Ref range (male):
    See additional information section below
  • Ref range (female):
    See additional information section below
  • Additional information


    Specific IgE
    Grade 0 NEGATIVE : <0.35 kU/L
    Grade 1 WEAK POSITIVE : 0.35 – 0.70 kU/L
    Grade 2 POSITIVE : 0.70 – 3.50 kU/L
    Grade 3 POSITIVE : 3.50 – 17.50 kU/L
    Grade 4 STRONG POSITIVE :17.50 – 52.50 kU/L
    Grade 5 STRONG POSITIVE :52.50 – 100.00 kU/L
    Grade 6 STRONG POSITIVE :>100 kU/L

    Presence of IgE to specific allergens can be associated with diarrhoea, vomiting, abdominal pain, eczema or other allergic skin diseases and anaphylactic reactions.

    Asthma, all year (HDM, cat, dog)
    Asthma, all year, worse at night (HDM, cat, dog, mixed feathers)
    Seasonal rhinitis (HDM, cat, dog, mixed grass - trees and weeds available on request)
    Eczema (HDM, mixed foods)
    Food allergy screen (Mixed foods - includes egg, milk, wheat, peanut, soya, cod fish; available individually if specified)
    Peanut allergy (Mixed nuts, peanut)
    Insect venom anaphylaxis (Bee venom, wasp venom)
    Penicillin allergy (Penicillin G and V)
    Wheat intolerance (Wheat + anti endomysial antibodies)

    Please contact lab for information on available allergens.
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Last updated June 23, 2017


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