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CSF Microbiology

Category Bacteriology Medical Microbiology
Reporting frequency TAT - Microscopy results available same day as receipt, culture 2 – 3 days, (Up to 10 days for prolonged incubation)

Collection conditions

2 - 3ml CSF taken into at least two sterile universal containers. Mark the containers with the order they were taken.

Additional information

CSF microscopy is performed on all specimens and a white cell differential is additionally done on specimens with a WBC count > 10/ml. ALL CSF specimens with a WBC count up to 5/ml would be considered to be within normal limits. Higher counts are seen in bacterial or viral meningitis and also in patients with extra-ventricular drains or V-P shunts in situ. All microscopy results from non-AMH patients are telephoned. All positive microscopy and culture results are routinely telephoned. Sample stability – 4 weeks.

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