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The Protein Reference and Immunopathology Unit is one of two national reference units for protein and immunological investigations. It provides analytical and advisory services and advisory support to local GPs and hospitals but also to laboratories throughout the UK and occasionally to laboratories across the world.

The department is active in teaching and research; particularly in improving the tests that we do and educating people to request them appropriately.

There are four main areas of investigation in the department:

  • Allergy testing – we can test for specific IgE to over 400 allergens (including various foods, animals and pollens)
  • Autoimmunity – testing to support the diagnosis of systemic and organ specific autoimmune diseases
  • B cell malignancy – testing to detect, quantify and monitor monoclonal proteins in serum and urine
  • Immune deficiency – testing appropriate for the investigation of patients with recurrent or severe infections

We also do a wide range of more specialised investigations relating to the immune system.


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